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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Boinc Manager asks for adminaccount (Message 34148)
Posted 26 Jun 2008 by old_user522468
How can i get started the boinc manager without adminprivileges? it should be running in normal user account.

Windows Vista Home Premium, Microsoft
AMD Turion64
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : several computers at cpdn, not shown at boinc-statistics (Message 34131)
Posted 24 Jun 2008 by old_user522468
How can i get the statistics of all my machines and accounts in one Website?
My Name: Dieterich
Boinc Account 522468
Cross identifier ebbfc4ecde4ef83b657b14eb456b086d

I have two machines running.
AMD64 (ok, Boinc Account 522468) and
Turion64 (not shown).
The Turion-machine-CPDN-Application shows the website: I\'m logged in there as Dieterich.
I have some older accounts, also logged as Dieterich. Some years ago i started it with the same AMD64 machine in Boinc Account 90826 and 98918. After two years of silence i lost the account info.
please help

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