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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 57378)
Posted 19 Nov 2017 by Cruncher Pete
This thread has been running for three months. It is interesting to note that in that time we have not had any input from an Administrator. It makes me think that perhaps we do not have one.

Is this an oversight? Not appointing an Administrator to the forum whose words would clarify the official policy of this project. The lack of such appointment as exist in all other BOINC project suggests to me that we as volunteer users are unimportant to this project.

Despite contradiction by some,credit is an important aspect to us users. You have not been able to fix the problem in three months and indeed made the problem worse by declaring that under certain circumstances you will delete all our accumulated credits. Is this the way to thank us for helping you? No other BOINC project UK or otherwise have ever treated us this way.. Shame on you.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 57322)
Posted 5 Nov 2017 by Cruncher Pete
I suggest that this has nothing to do with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. If so CPDN has been acting illegaly for 19 years. It is a new policy started by Andy of the CPDN Staff to reduce the database not considering the subsequent consequences of taking away years of hard work by volunteers and just saying you are no longer important to us and just wipe their credits. Other UK based project consider their volunteers and thank them for the work done but not CPDN.

CPDN has a number of helpers who consider that it is the science that matters and do not care for credit. Perhaps you should pull out of BOINC and just let those users assist you for you are just using BOINC and falsely recruit members and misleading them for you do not like to waste your time on useless credit.

For BOINC users. Please reconsider helping CPDN for their rules do not follow BOINC guidelines.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 57262)
Posted 30 Oct 2017 by Cruncher Pete
[Cruncher Pete wrote:]... This once a month credit issue is a joke. Most other BOINC Project adjust their credit at least once a day why can't you. ...

CPDN models are long by virtue of the much greater complexity of climate modelling; the models are also hard to validate by simple replication for that reason. The trickle system was introduced in order to issue credits during the running of a model rather than at the end; it also allows credits to be allocated to incomplete models. That system is computationally onerous and hit a limit, which is now being circumvented.

Would it be better if the project had more IT resources? Of course it would, but they don't. Would anyone prefer a credit system that allocated no credits until and unless a model is validated? I think not. So the credit system is designed with volunteer interests in mind, it went wrong, and now it's been fixed.

I am sorry but I am not here to argue. I am sick and tired of excuses. The reason now appears to be that you do not have enough IT resources. May I suggest, if that is the case stop the project rather than run it as is without Admin support it just can not possibly succeed.

50+ other projects do not seem to have any problem with large or complex modeling. They have found a way to break down the large models into manageable parcels that any volunteer can manage, complete in 24 hours and receive credit according to hours worked all in 24 hours.

I said my piece. If you choose to ignore it than it is you provocative, your problem. I'm out of here unless the project improves its image. After all, it is my equipment, my time and money and my choice...
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit Status (Message 57260)
Posted 30 Oct 2017 by Cruncher Pete
I am for one am unlikely to return until this project is fixed. For months, people have been complaining about not getting any credit, credits not updated, credit lost etc. The majority of answers to these problems came from those who openly state that they do not care for credits. I have not seen any replies from an Administrator even though the team consists of numerous Professors and Dr's. I have seen plenty of requests to donate to the project though. It seem the Admins do not care about how many volunteers they have or loose because of lack of transparency, no time to listen to wingers like me etc. If you care to read the BOINC Documentation it explains how to utilize the NEWS section on the front page yours is empty and we have to search through hundreds of Messages to find an answer. Please make use of it, let us know if you are experiancing an problem, forewarn us of website or project update downtime and in other words communicate with your volunteers.

This project is the worst in the BOINC circle. We as volunteers donate our equipment and time and at the end of a quarter we receive our Electricity account to see how stupid we are donating to a cause that do not care to listen or even tell us if they have a problem. The Volunteer moderators are Moderators and not Administrators. They are not Administrators who are responsible for maintaining the system in good order. Without their in between action we would never know if we are actually making any difference.

This once a month credit issue is a joke. Most other BOINC Project adjust their credit at least once a day why can't you. If your IT personnel are not good enough perhaps you should ask assistance from Berkley or other Universities or projects for they have no such problems and some of them like LHC run multiple sub projects at once. Daily credit is the only way that I can be sure that I am not wasting my time on Electricity.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Creating a Profile problems. (Message 47903)
Posted 1 Jan 2014 by Cruncher Pete
How does an RAC of 5 determines that you are not a spammer. It seems to me that it is project greed to ensure that you keep crunching for you. Other Projects do not seem to have this problem. I doubt I will come back so that I can create a profile. I thought that all users are registered in the first place. Would they Spam? or is it your interpretation what spam is that seems to cause this problem.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Creating a Profile problems. (Message 47901)
Posted 1 Jan 2014 by Cruncher Pete
I do not understand why I am not permitted to create a Profile and tell fellow users who I am. According to my account, I have a credit of 1,657,849 yet I am told that in order to prevent spam I need a credit of 5 or more. This is a good way of turning users away from your project. It cost me a lot of electricity costs to get those credits.
7) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Aussie Alliance Team (Message 39280)
Posted 21 Mar 2010 by Cruncher Pete
Hi fellow crunchers. I just like to introduce you to our new look Aussie Alliance Team. We are no different, better or worse than any other team. As an International team we welcome one and all. Check us out and give us a hand..
8) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Team Recruiting Thread II (Message 38318)
Posted 16 Nov 2009 by Cruncher Pete
There are Alliance all over the world, why not an Australian Alliance. Come make an alliance with us, all nationalities are welcome. Check us out at and join us in our forum at
9) Questions and Answers : Preferences : Team export stats incorrect? (Message 37367)
Posted 27 Jun 2009 by Cruncher Pete
As Cruncher Pete I am correctly listed in CPDN as a team member of Aussie Alliance. The team exports does not reflect this as when I change my team in Boinc Account Mannager I get a reply that CPDN gives incorrect response and my previous team can not be changed. How can I fix this.?