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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : WINDOWS 10 (Message 52476)
Posted 25 Aug 2015 by Profile Lorvija
Well so far I didn't remember the suspend -> exit cycle before shutting down. I'll start doing it. As for the suspending, I'm currently leaving data in memory while suspended so I'm not sure if it helps?

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : WINDOWS 10 (Message 52465)
Posted 24 Aug 2015 by Profile Lorvija
I got back to CPDN short while ago just after I upgraded to Windows 10. All WUs seem to be erroring out. Any ideas? It's a laptop which I turn off for every night currently but I believe that shouldn't be an issue?
3) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Locking BOINC (Message 2156)
Posted 30 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
Would it be possible to add a feature which allows locking the BOINC client.
Maybe few stages.
1)you cant even open the client from the tray
2)You could open the gui but couldnt do anything but view the progress and graphs.
3)You cant open the GUI but can right click it and choose the suspend option.

Or maybe somekind checkbox system so you could disable/enable the features you´d like.
Maybe the possibilities would be something like:
1)May open the boinc GUI and only watch whats happening.
2)May suspend/unsuspend
3)Total lock down.

4) Message boards : Cafe CPDN : HTML (Message 1504)
Posted 22 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
> While there is no BBCode to mke life easier, can I just draw everyone's
> attention to the 'May contain HTML tags' setting which means you can do it all
> manually instead if you want.
> In particular, to embed a link to another page, use the anchor tag (a):
&gt; <a href="Address of your link">Description of your link<a>
&gt; eg.
&gt; <a href="">My CPDN
&gt; Page</a>
&gt; becomes:
&gt; <a href="">My CPDN Page</a>

You may want to add target="_blank" just for other readers convinience so it opens it to new window instead of existing one.

5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Priority settings really suck... (Message 1004)
Posted 15 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
&gt; &gt; BOINC itself however starts at Normal priority. You can test if it makes
&gt; a
&gt; &gt; difference by rightclicking on the BOINC_GUI (??) application and set
&gt; its
&gt; &gt; priority level down to Low as well. If all is well, both the
&gt; hadsm3um_4.02_w
&gt; &gt; and hadsm3_4.02_w applications should already be running at Low priority.
&gt; &gt; If they aren't change them to show like that.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; --------------------
&gt; &gt; Jordâ„¢
&gt; &gt; <img> src=";trans=off"&gt;
&gt; &gt;
&gt; If you set the GUI priority as low as the app priorities it will freeze (that
&gt; task only). So just change it to below normal. I ran it like this for a long
&gt; time and never noticed a difference.
&gt; <br>John Keck
&gt; BOINCing since 2002/12/08
Ok thx guys. Will do it!

6) Questions and Answers : Windows : About battery mode (Message 1003)
Posted 15 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
&gt; That timer is already there.
&gt; Edit your used preferences.
&gt; Do work while computer is running on batteries? No
&gt; Do work while computer is in use? No
&gt; Do work only after computer is idle for x minutes

Well I do use this computer pretty much so there would be several hours per day when computer would not be running..

&gt; Or set the times for BOINC to work between the hours of x and y through Do
&gt; work only between the hours of ...

&gt; Save your changes on that site. Then in BOINC go to the Project tab,
&gt; rightclick CPDN and hit Update.

Well I dont mean the kind of things your speaking now.
I mean that there is little delay when BOINC suspends it when going to battery mode. AFAIK those settings wouldnt help concerning that subject.
7) Questions and Answers : Windows : About battery mode (Message 985)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
I´m having little problem, its not that big but I suppose it would be easy to fix so thats why I´m posting it.
So I dont know why but pretty many times per week I get these periods which last about 5-20mins when m UPS just goes to battery and comes from there every 2-3 seconds..
The thing is that everytime when this happens BOINC suspends itself and unsuspends itself...
So could you add somekind of timer that after x seconds when computer goes to battery BOINC suspends itself, not immediately...
8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Priority settings really suck... (Message 984)
Posted 14 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
&gt; The ability to limit %cpu used &amp; use lower thread-priority is buried in
&gt; the BOINC taskbase, but problems with seti@home &amp; predictor@home is
&gt; currently preventing anyone from implementing these.
&gt; So for the moment try changing the preferences to 1 cpu at day, and switch
&gt; back to 2 at night. Remember to hit "update" after each change. ;)

Hmm, okay thx both. I´ll just wait until that update comes out.
I´m not that impatient person =)
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Priority settings really suck... (Message 851)
Posted 12 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
I´ve been running before CPDN classic HT on and didnt notice any slow downs or other things(propably the biggest help was HT). But now as I´m running two models in BOINC I´ve noticed a lot serious slowdowns which freeze the computer for several seconds for example when just right clicking the file.
When playing a game it doesnt disturb at all. But when doing fast file browsing and modifying(i do pretty much homepages) it really is visible.
Is there anything you could do to this?

10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Nearly succesful install but.. (Message 313)
Posted 7 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
&gt; &gt; I think boinc was still benchmarking. When it's benchmarking all boinc
&gt; &gt; processer are stopted including network activity!
&gt; &gt;

But it did download the WU's, it just didnt show it in GUI.

&gt; &gt;
&gt; Also the client's hard coded defaults will suspend if user active. So it looks
&gt; like a problem but it is really just waiting for the computer to get free.

Nope, I created my own options for BOINC before starting it and I run that core client which did the hw test before I started GUI.

11) Questions and Answers : Windows : Nearly succesful install but.. (Message 207)
Posted 6 Aug 2004 by Profile Lorvija
Downloaded and \"installed\" on winxp home without other problems but when I started the program it downloaded few WU\'s but in GUI it didnt show it had downloaded them, just showed status \"downloading\" and didnt start processing them either.
Well I deleted the WU\'s from the cpdn project folder and resetted the project and after that it has worked well.

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