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1) Message boards : Number crunching : still don't get credits since last breakdown (Message 46950)
Posted 2 Sep 2013 by Joe
I started crunching again not knowing of the current problem. Actually haven't been back here for years. If there is no credit I don't maybe I'll check back in 2016 or so..but as someone who started with SETI back in 1999 and have watched a lot of projects come and go since then it seems like this project is on its last leg..
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Why is max reconnect time set at 10 days in general preferences (Message 16613)
Posted 14 Oct 2005 by Joe
I have a machine running at a location I only get to every 2-3 months or longer. I figured CP would be ideal for a situation such as this. But now that the wu may finish in the next month or so I wont be able to download a replacement on my next trip cause it will be more than 10 days. Which of course seems dumb with wu\'s woth 6 month or 1 year deadline.

I think I know the answer to this e.g. the BONIC server just wont allow the person owning the host to make such a high level decesion.

Can I still get the non Bonic version of the program so I cam keep all my machine goings? As several times a year I may be unable to get to all of my hosts for 30 days or so.
3) Questions and Answers : Windows : boinc 4.45 bug? (Message 15300)
Posted 23 Aug 2005 by Joe
I have the same problem with 4.45. It has been "running" but task manager shows system idle since 8/3/05 only a restart would fix. I've looked at the posts about the benchmark bug but i dont think that is it. In any case running benchmarks manually is not an option. I run CP because supposedly i dont have to bother with the machines for weeks at a time. After a year of constant problens with boinc, on this and other projects, I dont care or worry about it anymore. If the powers that be recommend a bonic version that does not work im not going to be to concerned about it either. My enthusiasm for distributed computing is non existant just like a lot of my results hehe

4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Client error after abt 200 cpu hours (Message 6530)
Posted 3 Dec 2004 by Joe

I posted on General Questions that it was my experience that only about 1 in 8 of the models on boinc completed. This ratio seems to be acceptable.

I too left Seti boinc (after 5 years 60,000+ classic units), I only run a token wu on a machine because of the cross user ID problem........

I have come to rather like this project as long as I dont woory about models completing, and actually because I have machines in several locations watching the stats lets me moniter those machines to see if I have a problem e.g, if a trickle dosent show up as expected.

I don't use the graphics much, have had several crashes that may be due to older cards/drivers and I always suspend and then exit model before shutting down which seems to help the 1 in 8 a bit. Also I don't upgrade to the boys at seti particular version of the week.

I will never return to seti, and I wish I could get away from the boinc platform, but in the mean time this is a pretty good project as long as you dont expect to see to many models to complete....

I have one model within 60 hours of completing that may not make it...its been acting funny for the last several weeks...if there is a power failure I'm sure its a goner hehe

5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows Crashers -- Were you Looking At Graphics? (Message 6002)
Posted 10 Nov 2004 by Joe
I took a look at a disk in W2000pro with the file analyzer got the following results:

Volume (D:):
Volume size = 11,530 MB
Cluster size = 4 KB
Used space = 4,761 MB
Free space = 6,769 MB
Percent free space = 58 %

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 18 %
File fragmentation = 36 %
Free space fragmentation = 0 %

File fragmentation
Total files = 38,159
Average file size = 148 KB
Total fragmented files = 1,577
Total excess fragments = 17,813
Average fragments per file = 1.46

Pagefile fragmentation
Pagefile size = 768 MB
Total fragments = 1

Directory fragmentation
Total directories = 1,952
Fragmented directories = 165
Excess directory fragments = 1,957

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation
Total MFT size = 41,991 KB
MFT record count = 40,166
Percent MFT in use = 95 %
Total MFT fragments = 2

Fragments File Size Most fragmented files
115 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.ph13c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.pd13c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd14c10
111 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph14c10
117 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.ph17c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.pd14c10
115 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.ph14c10
123 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.pd17c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd15c10
124 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph15c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd16c10
110 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph16c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd17c10
126 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph17c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd18c10
118 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph18c10
126 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.ph15c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.pd15c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.pd16c10
132 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\3blq_100176566\dataout\3blqaa.ph16c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd21c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd19c10
115 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph19c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd22c10
122 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph22c10
123 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd20c10
117 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph20c10
118 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph21c10
122 5,000 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.pd23c10
119 8,136 KB \Program Files\BOINC\projects\\2vq6_100155786\dataout\2vq6aa.ph23c10

It looks pretty uniform to me...