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How to limit number of WUs

How to limit number of WUs

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Message 62005 - Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 16:32:08 UTC


I have a problem with managing the number of WUs I get from CPDN. I will get no work units for a month, then suddenly I get 8 (I have 7 cpu cores dedicated to CPDN. Since these take a few days to complete, this makes it so my other projects won't send WUs for several days. I set the CPDN priority to a very low number (under 2%) but this still happens. No WUs for a long time, then suddenly way too many.

Is there any way to get it to send just one or two WUs when it does send work? I've also tried changing global settings to have it only get work for half a day and accept up to one more half day of work, but it still grabs way too many WUs at a time.

Thanks for any help!
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Message 62006 - Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 18:04:05 UTC - in response to Message 62005.  

This may not be perfectly what you want, but it can restrict the number of tasks from a given project running at the same time.

and then set <project_max_concurrent> to the max number of cpdn jobs you would want to run at one time. It might still download the same number of tasks as it currently does, but it would be able to run tasks from other projects at the same time. The documentation is not the greatest there, and I haven't used this method so am unsure as to how many of the options mentioned really need to be in that app_config.xml file. So you may have to go elsewhere for answers to specific questions about the requirements in that file.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : How to limit number of WUs