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Rebuilt Dell Laptop
Rebuilt Dell Laptop
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David A. Smith
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Message 56465 - Posted: 25 Jun 2017, 8:23:04 UTC

Hey guys - just joined CP through BOINC on a 12-yr old Dell laptop. I rebuilt it with max ram 2Gb and a Linux Mint distro. Very happy with the stability and spped relative to what is was doing in the Win XP days.

David S. from London UK

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Message 56664 - Posted: 9 Aug 2017, 20:19:57 UTC - in response to Message 56465.

Welcome aboard!

Operating System Linux

Does that distro include 32-bit libraries? (They are required to run CPDN.)

See this post. (It is part of a long Thread on running on 64-bit Linux.)

Best of luck.
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Alex Plantema
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Message 56670 - Posted: 10 Aug 2017, 16:37:54 UTC - in response to Message 56465.

Whether you use Linux or Windows, Boinc projects won't run any faster. Using such an old computer is a waste of electricity.

Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Rebuilt Dell Laptop

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