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BOINC time remaining estimates.
BOINC time remaining estimates.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : BOINC time remaining estimates.

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Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 55760 - Posted: 21 Feb 2017, 8:19:18 UTC

Would it be incredibly difficult to get BOINC to recalculate time remaining at say, 5% or 20% completion? I have a wus task that is 50% complete after running for just under 10 days yet is showing 43 days to completion. I strongly suspect that the total will come in around 20 days rather than 10+43 or the 80 days of the initial estimate.

I also know about the problems with BOINC development at the moment so am not expecting anything soon, rather just throwing the idea out there!

Les Bayliss
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Message 55769 - Posted: 21 Feb 2017, 21:30:37 UTC - in response to Message 55760.

Hi Dave

If this is Windows on Wine, then it's not a BOINC problem.
The only 2 reliable figures in this case are the Progress and Elapsed columns.

Harri Liljeroos
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Message 55784 - Posted: 22 Feb 2017, 10:36:53 UTC

You could try an app_config.xml file with fraction_done_exact tag. See more here

Questions and Answers : Wish list : BOINC time remaining estimates.

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