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CPDN and Gridcoin whitelist checklist

CPDN and Gridcoin whitelist checklist

Questions and Answers : Wish list : CPDN and Gridcoin whitelist checklist
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Message 55428 - Posted: 4 Jan 2017, 21:04:59 UTC

Hi folks,

as some of you may noticed there has been a discussion related to CPDN being part of Gridcoin whitelist - CPDN crunchers can receive cryptocurrency reward. However Gridcoin community has a checklist that a project has to satisfy - what is a MUST or CAN criteria is not final yet, but I would like to get a sense here what is possible or not from a CPDN perspective and get Gridcoin community know. I marked with red the ones I think are difficult. Thanks in advance and I hope I post it in the right section.

1. Provide a brief description of the BOINC project.
2. Are there any planned/published scientific papers related to the BOINC project?
3. Link to TOC, privacy statements, are the links present on their site?
4. Are there any software dependencies? VirtualBox, Docker, etc.
5. What software/hardware is the project compatible with? (CPUs, GPUs, 32/64bit, OS, etc).
6. Provide contact details of project admin (email or forum account for private messaging).
7. What is the category of the project? (Volunteer/non-profit | Commercial/For-Profit | BOINC DAC (BDAC) ).
8. If the BOINC project is commercial/for-profit:
8.1 Does the project intend to reward BOINC users for their contributed work? 8.1.1 Rewarding users with GRC or self-issued token?
8.2 Is the project backed by a company?
9. Is the project suitable for Proof-Of-Research? (Is work verifiable? Non-fake-able results)
10. Does the project have an entry on netsoft/boincstats/free-dc/other BOINC statistics site?
11. Does the project website provide SSL encryption?
12. Does the project website utilize captchas for improved security?
13. Has the project secured itself from spam account creation?
14. How frequently does the project update their statistics extract files? (user.xml.gz host.xml.gz team.xml.gz etc).
15. Will the project have sufficient work units for team Gridcoin to continuously crunch? More than a month of inactivity will lead to probable invalidation of whitelist status.
15.1 Is there a delay in the validation of returned results?
16. Have the project admins/owners acknowledged the existence of Gridcoin? Is the proposal to whitelist the project originating from the project administrator or a community member?
16.1 Will the project administrators issue a news 'notice' regarding their project being whitelisted in the Gridcoin network?
17. Is the project's purpose legal? Will the project have to exclude countries due to regulatory issues?
18. Is the project (and/or the project's distributed application) open-source?
19. Has the project implemented additional counter-collusion/counter-cheating mechanisms?
20. Upon virus scanning the work units being distributed by the project, are there any detections? ( being the most reliable)
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Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 55431 - Posted: 5 Jan 2017, 9:30:35 UTC - in response to Message 55428.  

Looking at the list point 14. The answer is normally weekly but when problems with hardware, upgrading etc. occur it can be longer.

Point 15 is more problematical because the flow of work depends on researchers external to CPDN submitting it. I can say that it has been rare for me to be without work for longer than a month but over the history of the project it has happened.

15.1 The project doesn't use validation and credit is given even if the particular result is discarded by the statistical analysis of a batch.

20. I know in the past there have been the occasional false positives on tasks sent out. I don't remember any recently and have never had one myself though being all linux these days albeit under wine recently that is less of an issue. Files are scanned when I do a reboot using clam A.V. and that has never shown anything on linux or windows tasks.

For the rest, most I don't see a problem with and a couple would need someone more involved with the project than myself to answer.
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Message 55866 - Posted: 6 Mar 2017, 15:41:07 UTC

Thanks Dave,
My understanding so far is that for Gridcoin community the biggest concern might be weekly instead of daily statistics (since SSL has been fixed). Nevertheless it would be nice to hear from other CPDN (close to project) users what they think about the different points.
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Les Bayliss
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Message 55870 - Posted: 6 Mar 2017, 21:34:11 UTC

If I remember correctly, the gridcoin people showed up one day, possibly on the old php message board, and started making demands about what was required if cpdn wanted gridcoin to add people to cpdn's list of participants.

Most, if not all, answers to their requests can be found from links on the projects front page.
Because of their "Bitcoin" aspect, they're a commercial group.
cpdn is not going to change the way the project works to suit their requirements, and they can either contribute users or not as they wish.

The security upgrade was probably more to do with securing the entire university network, than just the small part of it that's cpdn. (Which is only one of the many research projects of the OeRC group.
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Joined: 18 Jul 13
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Message 55873 - Posted: 7 Mar 2017, 8:09:31 UTC - in response to Message 55870.  

Thanks Les, I was trying to understand what is sensible and doable, and give Gridcoin community feedback so they can reassess their checklist and whitelist CPDN. My feeling however is that indeed supporting science may not be a main interest as they claim.

Back to the list though most of the things are there yes, and the more unclear ones are in red. I still think that a smooth running credit script is beneficial in general, not only to Gridcoin so I hope the problems with it will be resolved.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : CPDN and Gridcoin whitelist checklist