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Profile Dave Jackson
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Message 55303 - Posted: 5 Dec 2016, 16:02:04 UTC

The lack of work recently has prompted me to look elsewhere and I noticed that I have a task from another project which is currently estimating 50 days and increasing to completion (long after the deadline) and it also appears to be stuck at 4.13%.

This prompted me to look at discussion boards for said project and it has put some of the gripes here into perspective. (Many of the gripes here compare CPDN to other projects which seem to manage with fewer problems.)

Looking at the posts on this other project made me feel that perhaps CPDN isn't that bad at managing problems after all :)

Les Bayliss
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Joined: 5 Sep 04
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Message 55304 - Posted: 6 Dec 2016, 3:18:52 UTC - in response to Message 55303.

Nice to know that we're not the only ones.

Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Gripes on boards.

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