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Message 55174 - Posted: 22 Nov 2016, 13:54:02 UTC

Place holder topic for moving a post.
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Message 61514 - Posted: 10 Nov 2019, 20:41:11 UTC
Last modified: 10 Nov 2019, 20:48:49 UTC

Is it still supposed to be the weather?

Just checking in, because I am not doing this thing, except for still quite an interest in the whole subject,
for only where I am living.

I happen to do two other projects, but both technical problems, and also health, ended me up in a chair,
together with a laptop.

Here something rounding the southern part of Greenland right now, for apparently becoming an active winter storm.

So if perhaps not any ugly for such a thing, at least it could be a pattern, for which there also could be regular intervals,
also when making it the seasons of the year, for that of changing temperature.

My guess is possible weather of the future, could be predicted by means of climate models, except also the usual data,
which should be about the weather for today.

Here it became that of keying in a couple of search terms during the day, except not knowing where it should go.

Here the ones I chose among others, for only making it Property first, for also the disambiguation page.

Perhaps it should not be any Philosophy either, but except for that, you could still make it a rainy day.

But while not making it any sunshine either, for only the sun, also the ice ages should not be forgotten either,
for only making it even colder.

So it perhaps rain is still coming down, if not any important either, also temperature, for also barometric pressure,
which could be that of a low, making for yet another storm.

But next, simple as that, for only just thinking that it could be hot one day, for next cold the other,
except for also wintry, when pouring rain could rather be sheets of ice, if not any hail either.

So, is any predicting the same as guessing, or could it rather be still models for such giving any possible answer?

The Earth could perhaps be a water planet, for only its oceans, except also sandstorms in the desert, but perhaps it could be
the wind also being a factor, only because it could be blowing?

Perhaps not any attribute either, for just everything, but you also could make it both Turbulence and Viscocity,
for those elements making up a couple of things, when also that of Equations for such a thing, just from single numbers.

Except for also not forgetting the rotating Earth, for only its spinning axis, and next also the same for that of the sun,
for just orbiting it each and every year.

But still that just freezing fingers could make for a bit of cold, and you could need gloves, for also wishing for the hot fireplace.

Any more to it, and I would be happy to know, for only that of a discussion, because I am not keeping up here.
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Message 61515 - Posted: 10 Nov 2019, 20:57:43 UTC
Last modified: 10 Nov 2019, 20:59:40 UTC

Never going to be perfect, I think, because here perhaps making it a variable instead, for only a more general sense.

Also that barometric pressure should rather be isobars instead, except perhaps only different wording for the same.
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Message 61519 - Posted: 11 Nov 2019, 1:03:27 UTC
Last modified: 11 Nov 2019, 1:28:29 UTC

Yes, literally, for just ugly, when perhaps rather nice, but hopefully you understood the point.

If you happen to be into it, also you should know what could be to the point, except not always so,
when still perhaps science.

Perhaps Alchemy could be some form of old fashioned therapy, if not just coming up with products of nature,
but rather that some astronomers could seek understanding Black Holes, for only the Force of gravity,
except not making it any eddies, for just representing a circle.

Just Quant, and perhaps a space station for such, except not any quantum rebate, for only just Sets.

Start digging deeper, and it becomes that of Quantum mechanics instead, where we could end up making it
Laws of nature, for also Equations, when also still that of Proof needed, for just the same thing.

My guess is that some weathermen could still make it only a low for that of a pressure system,
except not any direction of wind making for where such a system could end, or perhaps go.

Do you next add, or make it one factor, only because it could be proper, or could it rather be just another thing,
for not being any important at all?

Here for example, it could be at least a Mathematical model, but perhaps not anything related with the weather.

If perhaps so, it could still be the definition here for what Prediction perhaps means, except not any dark ages either.

There could perhaps some people just thinking that a couple of things could be just naive, for only based upon such a thing,
but if perhaps making it time, it could also be that of divination, or fortune telling, where it also could be that of a Prophet for such.

So therefore always ugly, when at least one point of view, except for not always the whole truth either.

Here just thinking that if you could be making it the present, for also future, it should also be past, for that of history.

Here keying the word "annual" for just once a year, if not any repeating event which could take place almost all the time,
because for that, also the Almanac, which could be keeping a track of both sunrise and sunset.

So here perhaps the watchmaker again, for only the clock, except not any oscillations either, when it also could be
similar fluctuations.

I get to it here, that oscillations could be more or less repetitive, for also being recurrent, while a fluctuation,
could be a thing which could perhaps differ, for just only vary.

For that not any regular, for also periodicity, when it also could be intervals, if not making it any synchronization either.

Any such for that of a clock, could perhaps be analog, for that of frequency, except not making it any digital instead.

So, if a thing could perhaps change over time, it could be the weather, and for that those elements making it up, when also being a part.

If not wrong, it became that of variables earlier on, when it also could be Elements as well, when perhaps also those
hugely complex expressions, for only making it numerical for such a thing.

If perhaps not just numbers either, we could still make it Sets at times, except for also making it Algorithms, for just the same.

Why do we make it both variables, for also constants, when just having it present?

Could you make it any single hurricane a driving force for that of a change of weather, or could it rather be a pattern instead?

Or could rather any change happening, be the result of other factors instead, including the notion of time?

If a thing is perhaps changing, it could also differ, but next it could only become that of subtraction for such.

But could it perhaps be just so, that a change of temperature, could be a result of the different seasons making up each year,
except still not any annual for such, making for that of single period?

There could be some people around perhaps thinking that not all answers could be found, because of an Uncertainty
which could perhaps be "inherited", for just built in, or coming along, for just the Laws given.

So here perhaps a tell-tale story at times, for a couple of things which could end up being predicted, except perhaps not making it
any weather either, for only the way it could get hot one day, for just cold once again, the following, or next day.
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