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Computing preferences and antivirus.

Computing preferences and antivirus.

Questions and Answers : Windows : Computing preferences and antivirus.
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Message 51523 - Posted: 5 Mar 2015, 9:36:59 UTC

There was a thread recently when someone said that with their particular antivirus, the free version didn't allow them to exclude the BOINC data directory easily.

If it is indeed the case that this is impossible a solution might be to set processor usage to suspended at the time(s) when the antivirus scan is happening. Could also be used on work computers where the user is allowed to run BOINC but doesn't have access to changing the antivirus settings?

Don't know why I haven't seen this suggested before. Also if there are flaws in this idea please point them out as I haven't used windows on my boxes this century.
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Message 51524 - Posted: 5 Mar 2015, 10:44:28 UTC - in response to Message 51523.  

Some antivirus programmes will automatically scan files as they are downloaded and I suspect that is the problem here. It might be possible to set the AV to scan at certain times and set the processor to be "idle" for CPDN during this same time.
Just a thought.
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Message 51528 - Posted: 5 Mar 2015, 15:05:31 UTC

I think the real problem is not the scan, but the "real time protection", which examines the files on startup and as they run. If it doesn't like what it sees, or even delays the operation an instant, that seems to be enough to cause an error. I have seen that on several BOINC projects, though due to the long run times CPDN is more prone to problems. My main solution is to run CPDN on a dedicated PC without any anti-virus. There is no chance of an infection in that case anyway.

Microsoft Security Essentials works OK on most BOINC projects, but I have not tried it on CPDN. In difficult cases, I have also found that Windows Defender (spyware only) does not cause problems, especially without real time protection enabled. If you want more protection, I would try different AV's and maybe find one that works with the right exclusions.
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Message 51534 - Posted: 6 Mar 2015, 5:09:53 UTC

Microsoft acknowledges that 'Security Essentials' is not a replacement for Anti-virus programs. (Nonetheless, it is all that "protects" the innards of my only Win8.1 machine against anything that might get through back-to-back hardware routers... (Nothing else runs on that machine and my internal network was long ago broken apart, so no all-machine threat there. [However, if I want to move something from box to box these days, I must use "sneaker-net".])

My other boxes use Avast!, which allows boinc partition exclusions. (Had a problem with a particular file recently, as did other AV programs but I conjured-up a work-around (documented elsewhere on these boards) and also advised the home-folks in Prague that we were dealing with a known reliable file.

Can't be too "safe" these days, eh?
"We have met the enemy and he is us." -- Pogo
Greetings from coastal Washington state, the scenic US Pacific Northwest.
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Message 51590 - Posted: 9 Mar 2015, 23:34:12 UTC - in response to Message 51528.  

The real problem is the "real time protection", or how ever your AV program calls it. Anyway, that's the 24/7 scanning module that is always awake. 99.99% doing exactly what we all ask it to do!!

Please, find internet help, how to disable Boinc folder Antivirus!
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Computing preferences and antivirus.