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Fortran run-time error

Fortran run-time error

Questions and Answers : Getting started : Fortran run-time error
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Message 48875 - Posted: 23 Apr 2014, 17:08:23 UTC

My BOINC seems to have stopped working on the program. The percentage stays the same all day to the second. Sometimes (I think when it goes to Screensaver?) the PC comes up with an error message about 'Fortran run time error', and a load of error lines, which I have a screenshot jpg of but its not very helpful as everything seems to be 'Unknown'

I have shut down the PC and restarted to no avail. Next step, unless there is a really bright spark out there, is to re-install BOINC. How to do that without losing all the work???


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Les Bayliss
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Message 48876 - Posted: 23 Apr 2014, 21:21:19 UTC - in response to Message 48875.  

An old problem with no real solution. Possibly because each situation is a bit different, so that there's a lot of solutions.
Anyway, there's a long thread here about FORTTRAN errors, and possible one or two more somewhere.
Re-installing BOINC won't help, as it's not a BOINC problem.

But if the progress has stopped, then that's a clue to a known problem: sometimes the model gets into a loop and keeps calculating the same part over and over.
It's hard to say which is cause and which is effect, but I'm guessing that the model in question has failed and should be aborted.

Some things that may help in the future:

1) ALWAYS shut down BOINC, (and hence the models), before shutting down the computer.

2) Set your preferences to leave the model in memory when swapping to other work.

3) Set the Suspend work if CPU usage is above to zero to turn this off. (It works on tasks from other projects, but here it causes problems.)

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : Fortran run-time error