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Message boards : Number crunching : Error after completion.

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Message 46765 - Posted: 14 Aug 2013, 16:12:29 UTC

My last CPDN job, "finished" completely, ie. it reported 100%, but still showed as running in BOINC manager. I left it like that in case it was organising it's result files or similar, but it was still like that the following day. It was not using any CPU time according to the task manager, so I stopped the process and BOINC Manager immediately flagged it as a computation error. It still had a trickle up pending, which has since gone. I don't know if my action in response to its inaction has lost anything however, sorry if it has, but I don't believe it should have put me in that position in the first place.
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Message boards : Number crunching : Error after completion.

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