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changing local disk

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Message 43950 - Posted: 15 Mar 2012, 16:28:51 UTC

I have a relatively small (150 GB) C: drive and a large (2 TB) E: drive. BOINC Manager tells me that it is running out of disk space because it uses the C: drive and my attempts to allocate more through Tools - Computing preferences - Disk and memory usage fails because there is no provision to choose a hard drive. Do you have any advice how I could convince BOINC to switch to my larger (and half-empty) hard drive?
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Message 43951 - Posted: 15 Mar 2012, 18:40:59 UTC - in response to Message 43950.  

Uninstall boinc and reinstall manually, choosing the partition, in the setup window, where you want to install it.

My machines run CPDN/boinc in a dedicated partition, usually "D" --> I've done it that way for years and it works well.

If you have a lot of crashed tasks, there will be residual trash in the boinc Projects folder. Zipped folders for tasks not shown in the boinc Tasks page can be deleted. That often frees a lot of space.
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Message 43952 - Posted: 15 Mar 2012, 19:53:44 UTC

As Astro says, it involves uninstalling BOINC.

1) Suspend BOINC. (In the menu.)
2) Exit from BOINC.
3) Uninstall BOINC, using the Windows Install/Uninstall option in the control panel.
4) Work out where you want to place it, and then copy and paste ALL of the BOINC data section, complete with sub folders, into the new location. Note 1
5) Install BOINC, paying attention to the 3rd screen. In the bottom right hand corner of this is a button, which I think is labelled Advanced.
Clicking this takes you to an extra screen, which contains a place to specify the new location.
6) Continue with whatever other install steps there are.
7) Restart BOINC. It should now be running in the new location, as shown by message lines near the start of the messages tab.

Note 1 The BOINC data section is usually hidden by default by Windows.
It's location is in this FAQ.

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Questions and Answers : Windows : changing local disk