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Questions and Answers : Windows : Creditissue?
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Message 42319 - Posted: 4 Jun 2011, 18:32:17 UTC
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I finished some days ago a complet modell witch takes long time to compute. i had ~3900 credits and after finishing the tasks boinc show above 17000 credits. User certificate shows >17000 too. but not the overall Certificate, and all the BOINC stats Sites showing still 3900. Is there a long verification i must waiting for? Sry for my bad english :D

Thx for any infos ^^
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Les Bayliss
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Message 42322 - Posted: 4 Jun 2011, 20:41:05 UTC - in response to Message 42319.  

The credits system here works differently to all other projects.
Credits are given for each trickle returned, not all at once at the end.
And a script needs to be run to convert trickles-to-credits. This normally runs once per day.

However, for the past few weeks, the project has had problems, with a completely new team having to learn everything quickly, as well as fix a lot of problems that have built up over the years.

All of which has meant no credits for several weeks, and no work for the past week or so.

The best place to catch up on this is in the Number crunching section. Look for recent threads about credits, downloads, & uploads.

And, as always, the place for project news is in the News and Announcements thread, which is right at the top of Number crunching.
If you subscribe to this, you'll get an email notification whenever a new post is made there. Provided, of course, that you have notification turned on in your project preferences. :)

Backups: Here
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Creditissue?