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Is there any danger to processors from intensive use?

Is there any danger to processors from intensive use?

Questions and Answers : Preferences : Is there any danger to processors from intensive use?
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James Birkin

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Message 38128 - Posted: 16 Oct 2009, 9:54:01 UTC
Last modified: 16 Oct 2009, 9:54:30 UTC

I am currently running four programmes on a core quad processor on a standard dell desktop - and all seems pretty fast and easy. Having monitored the CPU use the CPU is pretty much 100% used if all four programmes are in use. Is this wise or should I be thinking of rationing a little to reduce heat output? - I suppose otherwise stated - are processors in reality designed for full time use of all four cores?

Probably a silly question but I am not hugely knowledgeable about this area
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Profile Warped

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Message 38129 - Posted: 16 Oct 2009, 10:31:38 UTC
Last modified: 16 Oct 2009, 10:32:33 UTC

Welcome James.

The short answer is that the system should easily handle permanently running CPDN. These programmes are relatively easy on the CPU and produce less heat than others such as Prime95.

I suggest you start by downloading a free application to monitor the system. My suggestion would be or any of a number, such as motherboard monitor or speedfan. Do a search - there are many.

Note that there is a difference between what is called the CPU temperature and the actual core temperatures. It\'s the core temperatures that are important. If these run at no more than about 65 deg C, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If they are any higher then post a reply and we\'ll have to do more work on the issue.
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Message 38130 - Posted: 16 Oct 2009, 10:40:31 UTC

Not a silly question at all.

A well made desktop, such as a Dell, should have no problem running at 100% so long as the ventilation is good. Since you\'re running Vista Home, I guess that you\'re running the machine at home, where there are carpets and pets and other hazards that can generate dust that accumulates inside the machine. So, I would recommend cleaning out the dust occasionally so that the cooling works effectively.

I did have a power supply go on one Q6600 Dell, which they replaced under warranty: that particular machine is rather power-hungry, so I run three models on that one instead of four. On my home Q9550 I run four models at 100% as the PC doesn\'t generate anything like as much heat.

There are two ways of restricting the processor usage through BOINC (apart from restricting the number of processors): if you go to your BOINC computing preferences, here, then change the last setting in the processor usage section. Alternatively, the same setting can be changed for a single machine in BOINC Manager (Advanced | Preferences).

[Oops: Warped got there first.]
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James Birkin

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Message 38131 - Posted: 16 Oct 2009, 11:08:22 UTC

Thanks for this - compared to when I ran the BBC models (a while ago) this is like greased lightning. Already past the battle of waterloo and heading for the crimea (hopefully not the charge of the light brigade)

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Message 38137 - Posted: 17 Oct 2009, 14:58:16 UTC

Processors were built to use. We are using the spare cycles of the processor. Yes it gets a little warmer but with good ventilation and keeping it clean (blow those dust bunnies off once in a while), your processor should run for many years without issue. Many here have had processors going for many, many years without then dying.

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Message 38140 - Posted: 18 Oct 2009, 0:27:01 UTC
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One of my quads, a Q9300, in a home environment (as they all are), reports 69-72C regularly (with CPUID\'s HWMonitor). Heat sink/fan was reset long ago without change, so I live with it. No throttling, so I credit either a good piece of hardware or something flaky in temperature reporting.

The other boxes report high 50s to low 60s, also with HWMonitor. (Edit: All machines run at stock speed.)

I\'ve had graphics-card problems, two blown motherboards*, and a failed power supply over the years, but no CPU problems. (* I now buy only motherboards with solid capacitors.)

I\'ve been running fully-loaded machines on CPDN, 24/365, for more than six years and find the CPUs up to the task. (Mostly Intel, but had a few AMD-64 X2 CPUs between Intel\'s P-4 and Core2 lines, when AMD had the lead in processors.)

The boxes are blown-out with canned-air about once a year, when I have some other excuse to open the cases.

Even my C2Duo laptop runs two Models flat-out -- but is kept a half inch above the glass on my desk.

As mentioned by others, it\'s all about cooling.

Best of luck with it.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Is there any danger to processors from intensive use?