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Team export stats incorrect?
Team export stats incorrect?
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Team export stats incorrect?

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Cruncher Pete
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Message 37367 - Posted: 27 Jun 2009, 9:22:16 UTC

As Cruncher Pete I am correctly listed in CPDN as a team member of Aussie Alliance. The team exports does not reflect this as when I change my team in Boinc Account Mannager I get a reply that CPDN gives incorrect response and my previous team can not be changed. How can I fix this.?

Les Bayliss
Volunteer moderator
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Message 37368 - Posted: 27 Jun 2009, 11:02:52 UTC
Last modified: 27 Jun 2009, 11:17:01 UTC

The export stats only reflect what is on peoples accounts.
Your "public account" page shows that you DON'T belong to any team. No one else can see your "private account" page, so I don't know what that shows.

As for joining or changing a team, you should be able to do that from the appropriate part of your account, where it says find a team.

The stats haven't been exporting regularly for the last few days, due to ongoing problems following the recent server outages.
Backups: Here

Profile Thyme Lawn
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Message 37372 - Posted: 27 Jun 2009, 19:10:43 UTC
Last modified: 27 Jun 2009, 19:25:26 UTC

Aussie Alliance lists you as the founder but the team has no members. BOINCstats lists you as leaving the team today.

You could try rejoining the team through your account page here but BAM! will probably force you to use that to rejoin the team. If that's the case and you still get a problem with the response from CPDN you'll have to capture the communication sequence so we can work out what's happening. If BAM! doesn't allow you to do that you'll have to use a packet sniffer (e.g. Wireshark).
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Team export stats incorrect?

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