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Message 36161 - Posted: 17 Feb 2009, 18:23:03 UTC

I\'m pleased to be allowed to participate in

Carl Sagan Astronomer 1934 - 1996

May his Humanity, his Eloquence and his Passion for Science and for Life - - Live forever!

In Memory of Carl Sagan

and . . . for \"Cosmos\" , the book and the 13 part Video series

Our team is dedicated to crunching work units in memory of and in Celebration of . . . . .

Carl Sagan\'s life


in the vastness of space
in the immensity of time
it has been my great joy
to share a planet and an epoch with , Annie


Please Visit the Carl Sagan Portal

_ We are an international team! One World..

United in the name of Carl Sagan

to save our only home planet Earth

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