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Screensave problem

Screensave problem

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Message 35923 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 14:19:09 UTC

I may be a n00b but when the screensaver comes on, I can\'t stich between the different views using ctrl + T for example.

As soon as I click on anything, the screensaver disappears.

What have I done wrong?
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Message 35924 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 14:37:00 UTC

Because Screensavers take any keystroke to stop. The way to make changes is to view the screen from the manager and then use the keys and set to the one you want to watch, which will come up as the screen saver, then.

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Message 35936 - Posted: 15 Jan 2009, 23:10:56 UTC

Welcome to the project, Jim.

After clicking on View graphics within BOINC Manager, press Z then 8 on the keyboard to get rid of the overlay and see more details. H brings up the menu.
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Message 36044 - Posted: 28 Jan 2009, 18:50:20 UTC

I have the same problem i have the software on both my mac and windows vista, however when the screensaver loads after the set time, i want to change the graphics options however touching the keyboard closes the screen saver, i tried changing it via viewing graphics in the boinc window however as soon as i close this it resets itself! Is there any other ways of changing the graphics as i like when i like for the screensaver?
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Les Bayliss
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Message 36045 - Posted: 28 Jan 2009, 19:07:25 UTC

Change it in the preferences in your Account on the web site.

Backups: Here
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Screensave problem