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Volunteer, please!

Volunteer, please!

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Message 35890 - Posted: 10 Jan 2009, 22:23:14 UTC

Hi everybody

I need a volunteer who could look at the News and Announcements thread (top of Number Crunching section) about once a month and tell me by private message if they think news items are duplicated or should be deleted because they are too old or now irrelevant/untrue. I can edit and delete my own posts, hide posts by other moderators and archive selected items for future reference.

I already edit the News thread regularly, but there are CPDN News threads on several forums, all with slightly different combinations of posts. As a result of seeing all these post combinations dozens of times, I find it difficult to imagine how the thread must appear to members. So it would be very helpful if a volunteer could give me their frank and critical opinion.

If someone could do this during 2009 we could ask for a new volunteer next year.
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Message boards : Cafe CPDN : Volunteer, please!