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No new work for the last 3 weeks!

No new work for the last 3 weeks!

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Message 35566 - Posted: 21 Nov 2008, 16:53:55 UTC

After completing a large file (30 days total computation time), I have not been able to add another new task for any project on my computer. I have tried to edit the client_state file to get rid of existing debts, but everything reads zeros.

I assume that some of the trouble comes from the fact that I have two computers running BOINC, and that they are not sharing computation time, but I cannot seem to tell BOINC that there are two computers running.

I\'ve searched the posts for an answer, but to no avail. I could detach from CPN, but I don\'t want to lose any of the data that is stored on my computer.

Thanks for any help!

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Message 35567 - Posted: 21 Nov 2008, 20:39:10 UTC

BOINC should generate seperate host IDs for your computers automatically. The only way I can think of to interfer with this is if both are using the same data directory which is not a good way to set things up.

If you do not have a active CPDN task detaching and reattaching will not cause any problems.

Posting a section of your BOINC log that includes a RPC to CPDN may help us figure out what is going on.

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Message 35570 - Posted: 22 Nov 2008, 3:07:27 UTC
Last modified: 22 Nov 2008, 3:18:59 UTC

The computers CPDN has listed for you are shown here. Click on \'All computers\'. Two of the computers listed haven\'t run a CPDN model for 3 years. At SETI two Intels are listed.

If you have no running climate model, as John says you can detach and reattach. There\'s no data from your finished models that you need to store. The database in Oxford has all the info it needs.

Try suspending your other projects.
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : No new work for the last 3 weeks!