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\"To Completion\" Estimate Not Viable

\"To Completion\" Estimate Not Viable

Questions and Answers : Preferences : \"To Completion\" Estimate Not Viable
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Message 33694 - Posted: 7 May 2008, 2:36:42 UTC

I just started my first WU and the task is slated to take 3,027 hours to complete. Ummm. That would take years! Do I need to delete this task and try again?
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Les Bayliss
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Message 33695 - Posted: 7 May 2008, 3:19:14 UTC
Last modified: 7 May 2008, 3:21:17 UTC

Welcome to The Project.

By all means - delete away. :)
But that \'type\' are all round that length.

As for \"take years\", that will only be if you\'re a part time processor.
If you run 24/7 with no other projects taking a share of BOINC, then it will only take about 3-4 months.

Over the shock yet?
If you look at the preferences on your Account page, you\'ll see that it\'s possible to select from 3 different types, two of which are much shorter. Although one of these is a hi-res model needing 1 Gig of ram. (1.5 Gigs before you can get one, in case the computer is running Vista.)

Look at the READMEs linked from my sig below for lots of help, hints, and tips.
And at the Climate Science pages (in the blue menu to the left of here), for what the project is all about.

Backups: Here
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : \"To Completion\" Estimate Not Viable