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Problems with sharing CPU-Time on 3 projects

Problems with sharing CPU-Time on 3 projects

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Problems with sharing CPU-Time on 3 projects
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Message 29320 - Posted: 27 Jun 2007, 9:57:02 UTC

I have installed BOINC on my linux pc (Debian 4)

Basicly it works fine. Now i have registerd 3 projects (seti, cpdn, world community grid) Every Project should get 33,33% of CPU-Time and i configured the BOINC-Client to switch the project every hour.

The 1st problem is that the boinc client only comunicates with the projects which have work to do and does not communicate with the other projects that actually have no work. So no more work will be requested when another project have work to do. The result is that only when I halt cpdn the computer request work from seti and when I halt seti too it request work from world community grid. I have no idea what I may do because everything work fine on my windows pcs which use the same configuration.

The 2nd problem is that the boinc client on the linux machine only ask for 1 second of work when it communicates with the project. On the website i have configured that the pc should maintain enough work for 3 days. Also this problem does not apear an the windows machines.

I would be gratefully for any ideas.

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Message 29325 - Posted: 27 Jun 2007, 17:26:39 UTC

The time spent on each of the projects will be balanced out over the long term by BOINC\'s client scheduler if you don\'t try to micro-manage things. If every project had the same task execution time, checkpoint period and report deadline BOINC would probably be slicing them into similar time periods. But that\'s not the case. CPDN tasks have a much longer execution time and report deadline and the checkpoints are at specific points in the model rather than after a specific period of execution. If one of your projects is in danger of missing a task report deadline it will be run to the exclusion of the others (which will make up their execution debt when there is no longer a deadline problem).

Having a 3 day connection period is likely to be a problem if SETI and WCG have task deadlines shorter than 6 days. The connection period should be set to no more than half of the shortest time between when a task was downloaded and its deadline.

See here for a detailed description of how BOINC client scheduling works.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Problems with sharing CPU-Time on 3 projects