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CPDN doesn\'t find browser

CPDN doesn\'t find browser

Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : CPDN doesn\'t find browser
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Message 22029 - Posted: 14 Apr 2006, 2:56:10 UTC

after running hadsm and sulpher cycles on w2k box, I today resurrected a 1GhzAMD/1.2GbtRAM/19GbtHD box to solely run current BBCclimate via Linspire 5.0. shows the right screens until: attempt UPDATE OR WEB SITE buttons, then see msg that CPDN cannot find a browser I must associate environment variable to a browser then attempt again. This is while I have open LINSPIRE-INTERNET-SUITE (Mozilla based) and sitting on CPDN home page. I\'ve been doing computers and internet since CPM and LYNX but just now too distracted to find the command lines. Where should I look?
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Message 22229 - Posted: 20 Apr 2006, 15:46:29 UTC

Have a look at this thread on the CCE message board Theo.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : CPDN doesn\'t find browser