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CPDN and Work Buffer

CPDN and Work Buffer

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Message 20153 - Posted: 13 Feb 2006, 16:22:23 UTC

I have been experiencing a problem since I joint CPDN.
I\'m running BOINC on a GNU/Linux i686 machine and it\'s working on a sulphur cycle workunit.

I\'m attached to LHC Einstein and SETI also but since I joint CPDN, BOINC tells that the computer is overcommitted and it suspends the work fetch.
Every project has 100 of resource sharing.

If I suspend CPDN in order to get work of other projects, BOINC enters in EDF mode.

In the first case BOINC runs only CPDN, in the second BOINC doesn\'t run CPDN at all!

My work cache setting is on 2.7 days...

What I should to do?

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Les Bayliss
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Message 20158 - Posted: 13 Feb 2006, 19:38:52 UTC

I\'d suggest that you leave BOINC alone, and let it get on with it.
It takes time for BOINC to \'learn\' about your computer; on time, user interuptions, projects being run, \'real\' cpu speed, etc. This can take several models worth of time, and with each project being of different duration, a lot of \'real\' time.

You have to look at the \'big\' picture; months, rather than hours, or days.
That is, over the course of a year, all the projects will get their allocated share.

But if you keep fiddling with resources, etc, BOINC has to start again with it\'s learning process.

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Questions and Answers : Preferences : CPDN and Work Buffer