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Can the 3D graphics be switched off?

Can the 3D graphics be switched off?

Questions and Answers : Preferences : Can the 3D graphics be switched off?
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Message 20069 - Posted: 9 Feb 2006, 19:28:47 UTC

I have a problem with my graphic card, and that leads to my computer crashing whenever complex 3D graphics are in use. Everything else works fine. Since I don\'t plan to play any 3D games in the near future, I don\'t want to replace the hardware anytime soon.

However, I can\'t run any CP calculation work now either, because the globe graphics lead to the same problem as 3D computer games. Is there a way to switch off the graphics in the BOINC client, and everything depending on it? I couldn\'t find such an option, and this question isn\'t included in the FAQ, either. (I guess it\'s an exotic hardware problem)

Thanks for any hint.
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Profile Pooh Bear 27

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Message 20070 - Posted: 9 Feb 2006, 19:45:28 UTC

Just do not use the screen saver or view the graphics. This can slow down or corrupt data, but not always. I personally use just a blank screen saver, and allow the machine to do processing.

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Message 20071 - Posted: 9 Feb 2006, 19:46:38 UTC
Last modified: 9 Feb 2006, 19:47:23 UTC

During the BOINC installation, the program asks you if you want to run Boinc as a screensaver: you can answer no. (you\'ll have to re-install Boinc for that)
Or In your windows prefs (the preferences concerning the screensaver) you can disable the screensaver or choose another screensaver than Boinc.
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Les Bayliss
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Message 20073 - Posted: 9 Feb 2006, 20:38:20 UTC

This is in version details for BOINC, (on their download page), going back to at least version 4.5:

Known problems

* If BOINC runs at the same time as Windows XP 3-D screensavers, the system becomes sluggish and unresponsive.

So, the developers do know about it. They just don\'t seem to have come up with an answer.
As Pooh Bear says, avoid, manually, using graphics while running BOINC.
If you forget, you\'ll get a problem. :(

If you need graphics elsewhere, there are two options:
1) set your preferences for: Do work while computer is in use? to No
2) suspend BOINC, wait for the app to stop, then exit BOINC. Restart BOINC when you finish the other work.

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Message 20708 - Posted: 24 Feb 2006, 7:38:38 UTC

if you have the opportunity to press W before the graphics cause it to crash the screen saver has 2D information plots aswell. but i have run into a problem with them. well sort of... ill post that minor bug in a different section. it has a whole load of different viewing options. just press H if you can get to that section. Dont wait till the screen saver to come up. tell bionic to show graphics and then press w to get it to 2d mode then you might be able to look at the other options by pressing H.
then if your able to work in that just avoid pressing w again to keep it in 2d mode but you might be able to play with many other things from temp data to percipitation and pressure data. Its quite cool.
Good luck
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Questions and Answers : Preferences : Can the 3D graphics be switched off?