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Message 16940 - Posted: 2 Nov 2005, 5:47:41 UTC

I was looking at my stats page and I noticed that the program thinks I have 3 different computers. This is not true. I only have one computer. When I attempt to merge the computers, I can\'t find the \"check boxes\" to merge the computers together.

Please respond if you know how to fix this or if this didn\'t make sense at all.

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Les Bayliss
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Message 16941 - Posted: 2 Nov 2005, 6:00:05 UTC

This was described in the post below yours, <a href=\"\"> here.</a>

The reason you can\'t merge the 3, is that the cpu description is different for each, so the server thinks that they are 3 different computers.
Only multiple appearances of a single computer can be merged.

Different versions of BOINC interpreted the information extracted from the cpu in different ways, so, even if the 3 ARE the same physical computer, you can\'t merge them.
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Message 17036 - Posted: 7 Nov 2005, 23:41:35 UTC - in response to Message 16941.  

I managed to merge my computer after changing the CPU from a winchester to opteron......................guess I was just lucky
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